Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adam Turned 14!!!

For his birthday dinner he wanted Panda Express. We happily took him, and I happily went next door to Zuppas to get a salad and soup for my dinner :)

For his birthday he got a new gun from me and Lewis. He got his own 12 gauge shot gun. Here he is putting it together with Lewis. He also got a bunch of money from grandparents and a couple of gift cards.

Adam had not one but two parties with friends for his birthday. The first one was with school kids and it was a video game all nighter. I luckily missed it because I was on a Girl's Vegas Trip with my mom and sister-in-laws. The second one was a group of neighborhood boys and they all went to see Avengers late at night the following weekend. 

I think he had a great birthday.

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