Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation Part 4: D&B

One of the days that we were in Cali it was my dad's birthday. For his birthday (or was it to keep the kids busy for the day) we took everyone to Dave & Busters. Every time we go to California we end up taking the kids to D&B and they have a great time. As you can see Haley was a big winner! All of the kids won big thanks to the game cards that grandpa got them. They each got $25 to play PLUS Lewis, Cris and Grandpa also bought a couple more cards for extra fun.
After the kids all went to play the grown-ups got dessert and I was able to order my favorite little donuts. Yummy. I did save some to take home for the kids, but I enjoyed the ones that I ate!

Here is the whole group minus me. We also had one taken with me in it but Jason was making a bad face so I left that one out.

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