Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Friends

At the beginning of June we hosted a going away party for our friends, The Normans. It was a small intimate gathering of about 50 children and 6 adults. Oh! I mean 6 women and 50 children/men. The kids played in the yard on the zip line, trampoline, and swings. The played in the crooked playhouse and ran around getting BBs from under the deck. The men played ping pong and grilled burgers, hot dogs, and brat's. Fun was had by all. The boys (men) fired off some firecrackers under the deck and tried to scare us to death. After that we did fireworks and the kids did sparklers. Before anyone left I suggested (forced) everyone to take a picture so that Natalie and Clay could remember the fun night. Here is the funny picture: We will miss you guys! Have a great adventure!

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