Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Part 2: Pool Fun

There has to be 1 naked picture of me at the pool right? Okay, actually you just can't see my suit. So the house we rented in California had a pool. This was the best decision that we ever made. The pool made the vacation. I was able to sit in the sun and relax and the kids were constantly busy and having fun. We spent most of the days just hanging at the house with the kids in the pool and me relaxing on the side.
Lewis even took some time out from playing with the kids to get a little sun. Great picture with the gas tank behind him (it was used to heat the pool).

Abi got some air...

and smelled some feet...

She also enjoyed some Popsicles with the pool guy cleaned the pool. (The kids were thrilled that someone else got to come and clean while they relaxed. I tell you what, that should be the life that we all lead.)

Jason took time to chill in the sun...

Haley looked like this most of the week. She loved those goggles!

Adam got paid to smile at the camera. Best $20 we ever spent! Really he had a ton of fun.

Here he is earning a bit of money with grandpa on his side.

The kids had a great time diving for money and nuts and blots. Whatever keeps them busy right?

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