Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

My birthday was last Wednesday. Lewis woke me up by throwing open the curtains in our room and proclaiming, "It is a beautiful day (It was cloudy and rainy) ... Somewhere else!" Happy Birthday to me, right? I went to work, had cake, got some cute cards and then headed home all ready for a rockin' birthday. Um, no. Lewis had nothing planned so he took me to see Bridesmaids (which was totally funny, and a definite see if you can deal with language) and eat movie food for my dinner. I loved the movie but on the way home I was literally mad and sad all at once. I felt like my birthday had been glazed over and forgotten at home. Sad right? Oh well. I went on with the rest of the week working and thinking that this year was just going to suck.

Well the joke was on me! I got home from school at about 2pm on Friday. Parked the car and walked inside. There was a babysitter. I was shocked and confused. Lewis took my papers and told me that I had 3 minutes to pack. He said pack for warm weather and bring a swimsuit. I was flustered and the kids were laughing because they all knew! Adam had known for a week, and the others had known for 2 days. And they never told! So I packed a couple of outfits and a swimsuit. Lewis took my bag out to the car and I followed. There were 2 people in the car and I thought that the boys were going with us but when I got in the car it was our friends Nat and Clay!!! I was so surprised! Everyone knew where we were going except for me. The kids said goodbye and we drove off, headed south. After lots of driving I figured we were headed to VEGAS!! I love Vegas. It is hot and sunny with lots to do. What a great surprise. We stopped in Mesquite for dinner and then headed into Vegas. We stayed at The Hilton. We got in fairly late so we headed to bed early.

On Saturday Nat and I went outlet shopping while the boys enjoyed, um...well, the local gaming entertainment. We had an interesting cab ride...

After doing a little shopping we went back to the hotel and went out to the pool. At the pool there were some interesting people. Lots of guys that look like this:Yuck! There was way too much hair at that pool. To help cool us off we bought $15 drinks. What? Don't they look classy?
After I was abandoned at the pool (it was too hot for everyone else) for an hour I headed up to the room to get ready for the night. The boys had bought some tickets to a show. I was not allowed to know what show we were going to, another surprise! But I got to pick dinner. So we went to The Belaggio for the buffet. It was delicious. We had a great time waiting to be Raptured and eating sushi and small birds:

These were the best little cones with Nutella and raspberries in them. I had enough for Clay to get a set of nails:

These are our partners in crime for the weekend. I was very happy that Lewis was able to pick out the perfect people for a trip to Vegas. Thanks for coming and making my birthday a great success. (Plus I take a pretty damn good picture, right?)

So we left dinner and headed down the strip. As we walked my left foot started to hurt. I could feel my shoe cutting into my foot so I started to panic and since I was panicking inside I started sweating, which made me panic even more. It was like a vicious cycle: sweat, pain, panic, sweat, pain, panic. We finally got to Montego Bay and I ran straight for the shops to buy a new pair of shoes. As I was trying on a pair of $80 flip flops Lewis saw some band aids. I threw the flops and went for the band aids. (I waste money sometimes, but I would rather pay $4.00 for 4 band aids then $80 for flippy floppies.) Then right next to the band aids there was some deodorant! I grabbed it and made Lewis buy me that too.

Picture me in a casino bandaging up my feet and putting on deodorant. Clay was nice enough to keep my deodorant in his pocket in case I had another episode (I think at this point Clay was done with us, but kept going because we were his ride home). Once I was bandaged up and smelling fresh I was feeling much better. We were walking through the casino and I was totally not paying attention to anything until I saw this large pillar type banner hanging from the ceiling. It was for Glee Live. I suddenly knew! They had brought me to Vegas to see Glee!!!! Oh my wonderful husband who HATES Glee with all his soul, brought us to Vegas to see them LIVE!!!

Needless to say I was so excited and could barely sit in my seat! Look at this hot guy:

Oh yeah! I am talking about the one with the Mohawk! And you people all wonder why I encourage Jason to have a Mohawk. Dare I say that in real life Puck is even more HOT? They all were! It was a great show!

And at the end, in true Vegas fashion, it rained glitter! Oh I love Vegas!!

After the show Nat and I stood in line forever to get jackets. I will have to post that picture later because it is on Nat's camera.

And the best part was that the whole way home we watched Glee Season 2 in the car. Sorry Lewis, you sure are a trooper!

This was definitely the best birthday ever! Thanks to everyone who kept the secret and helped me have a great weekend.

Clay said it best,"You know how it is a gamble when you travel with other couples, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it is terrible. Well Natalie and I got lucky. We just feel bad for the Framptons." No Clay, we got lucky too. Thanks for the memories!

I may have the best husband in the world. He sacrificed his ears and eyes to make me happy.

Let's do it again next year!


Shannon said...

WOW!! What an AWESOME Birthday!! Can someone convince my hubby to take me to Vegas for my b-day?! How fun!!! Glad it was a great one for you.

Natalie Norman said...

It was SO much fun!!! We are still bragging about this trip and I am still having dreams about Puck! :) My girls can belt out "Fat Bottom Girls" now! Ha!

Thanks guys!!!