Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winter Confrence in St. George

The week after our vacation from school (in February) I went to St. George for Winter Conference. Winter Conference is when all of the Nutrition Directors in Utah get together, have great speakers on working together, nutrition, new laws regarding what you can and can't serve, new ideas and much, much more. But most importantly we get to go to St. George and be in the warm, sunny weather for 3 days. Sun. Sun. Sun. A sunny day was just what I needed right about then. February is so hard for me in this frozen, cold wasteland that we live in. If you read my blog regularly you may remember last years fiery trip to St. George for the Winter Conference.
This year we stayed at a new hotel and it was wonderful. The lectures were amazing. I learned a lot, and had a great time with the old lunch ladies nutrition specialists. BUT I also had a great time with my friend Sheila who was also in St. George. We had dinner at Paula's Mexican Food and it was no good. My stomach rumbled for the rest of the day! I can honestly say that I do not recommend eating there.

Then I took her back to meet the ladies from the conference and to play BUNKO!!! And if you know me, you know I am good at Bunko. Well of course I won the most bunkos and I should have won most wins but there was a cheater there. Yes, one of the ladies cheated. Why do you need to cheat at Bunko? We played 3 rounds of 6 and I only lost 6 times, which means I won 12 times. You change seats only when you lose so I moved 6 seats. She claims that she won 14 times but she moved 12 times so she could have only won 6 times. I did not even notice that she lied (because really, who lies about Bunko?) until Sheila pointed it out to me. Oh well. She is a cheater... whatever!! I still won a $20.00 gift card to Target.The last day I was there we took a sandwich and went hiking in Snow Canyon. It was beautiful and warm. We sat and just ate. It was so nice out and quiet. We just sat out and got a little sun while we ate. Well, I got a lot of sun while we ate.

Don't you just LOVE the tan line? I guess you all know which necklace I was wearing. Overall the trip was great. I learned a lot, did not start on fire, and got to sit in the sun, which is all that I wanted to do anyways.