Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Am I Behind on Blogging????

I guess I need to start where I left off, so let me take you back about 3 weeks to our February school break. Each February our school closes for a week so that people can take their winter vacations while we are out of school. Not that it helps much, people take their vacations when they want. Usually they go to Hawaii or Mexico the week before or the week after break, but whatever. In the past I have promised my kids a fun week where we will actually do things and have fun. To spite my great intentions the past 2 years most days we just played, "Leave mommy alone. I am not ready to get up yet. I don't care if it is 11:00 already! Get out of my room!!" This year I promised that it would be different. And it was! I kept those kids so busy that they did not have time to think, let alone wake me up before 11:00! :) Here is the rundown:

Friday, Feb.13: We had a half day of school as usual for Friday. This was the kids Valentines Day parties so they were very busy. This was also my 11th anniversary. Yeah! Whatever. I worked out with the ladies and then Lewis and I watched a movie and got take out. Same that we do every weekend. Nice quiet night.

Saturday, Feb.14: Lewis and I had a fun poker night with friends. (See previous post.)

Monday, Feb.16: I slept in. It was Presidents Day but Lewis had to work. The kids played and I did laundry. This was our "down" day.

Tuesday, Feb.17: I took Adam, Jason, and Haley to meet up with M.R. and her 3 kids, and S.E. and her 2 boys for lunch and an afternoon of climbing at the climbing gym. The little kids got tired after about an hour, and Haley fell and got "hurt" and so she just sat on the floor with her blanket and was very quiet. Adam could have stayed all day. He had a great time. And with 2 free passes (Thanks M.R.!) and a BO/GO Free coupon it only cost us a little over $20.00. Well worth the money for an afternoon of fun with friends.

Wednesday, Feb.18: I got up and worked out (yea for me!) and then we went to see a movie with out friends the Ewells. It works out well because Adam is good friends with one of the kids and I am friends with the Sheila (the mom). We also have 2 more that are the same ages; 2nd graders and to be kindergartners. I enjoyed the movie, as did all of the kids.

Thursday, Feb.19: We had planned on going to the hot springs but when we realised that the drive was going to be longer then the time we would get to stay there, we changed our minds. We decided on bowling. All of the kids love to bowl, and I am the WORST at it so everyone is in for a fabulous time. We went with our friends the Ewells again, because, well, hell, bowling is better with friends. The kids had a great time and we even had pizza from the Pizza Factory for lunch. It tasted like cardboard, but the bread sticks were delicious! After we bowled 2 games we gave each of the kids $1 each to play games. Adam bought a Twix bar instead. That's my boy!!

Friday, Feb.20: I did an early workout and then I took Haley downtown to meet with my dad for lunch. She got all dressed up for him. She wanted her lunch date to be fun. We went to his new office building and Haley was able to go to the top floor and look down on the Temple. She thought that was really cool. We went to lunch and then stopped for ice cream at The Gateway. It was nice and sunny. Lots of people were out because it was one of the nicest days that we had had so far this season. When we left my dad at his office we walked over to the Joesph Smith Building to get to our car and she wanted to have her picture taken in the pretty building. On our way home we picked up Abigail at school, and we all drove home together. Haley was pretending to be me, so then Abigail wanted to do it too. Because apparently, I always wear sunglasses, sing, and talk on the phone while I am riding in the car. It was pretty funny!

Overall we had a great week off. I wanted to go on a trip to St. George but with the rain down there, tight funds, and no free prospects we opted to stay at home. I think we made the week really fun, and definitely stayed busy, which was my goal.

Other items of note: Lewis and I watched about 5 movies in the evenings too, so now there is nothing at Redbox that we have not seen; Jason lost another tooth, so he is almost toothless;
I got just about all of the laundry done.

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