Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Judge Me. It Is Not Your Job.

This is long so stay with me.
I wish that I could articulate my feelings as well as this blogger does. I fell that he or she has put my feelings and beliefs into words that I could have written myself. Alas, I do not have the time or the patience to deal with such fights. That being said aside from owning the guns, being in the military, being Republican my whole life, and a few (very few) other things this person has written my feelings out for me. Love you!!
hummm....hard subject to broach. Religion and politics. Both subjects end families and start wars. Both have a "Do Not Disturb" sign firmly planted on them. But since you all know me and I don't much care for being "PC" and usually I see the "Do Not Disturb" signs to read "Welcome"...I will give my opinion.
Let me start off by reminding people that when Brother Brigham Young came to this area he set the people into two (2) groups. He then said group 1 you are must serve your party with diligence. Group 2, you are must serve your party with diligence. Being a great leader and a man of God, he knew that it takes multiple views and discussion, and compromise to make things run in a manner that was sustainable and fair for the masses. He knew that a myopic view was dangerous.
Now...that i reminded people of history let me say this.....I am LDS. I am a registered Democrat as of this past election(been a republican since high school). I have more guns that you really want me to have, I served in the Military, I am against abortion(when used as contraception, some times it is permissible including rape and incest), I am completely for protecting human rights even if the outcome is that a billion people are violently wiped off the face of the earth, I think that everyone who has ever burned a flag should be beaten and thrown into prison for life but am glad I live in a country that it doesn't actually happen.
I believe....I believe that when I lived in the pre-existence I was presented with 2 options. Option one was I would be subservient and I would comply through force to obey the will of another. Option 2 was that I would be presented with all choices and it was up to ME to choose the path to follow and that the choice would never be taken from me.... I picked option 2, and so did you.
That said just because I believe that abortion is wrong doesn't mean I have the right or the responsibility to take the choice from my brothers or sisters out there. It IS my duty to educate and to make sure that they understand what they are doing, as my brothers keeper, but not to make them comply to my beliefs and dictates. Just because I believe that it is wrong for 2 men to be married and to have sex (eeewwww) it is NOT my duty to remove their choice from them. It is my job to educate and to promote what I believe is an important tenant of life but NOT to remove their choice from them.When we start removing choices from others and taking their choice from them, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, it is no better than what Satan tried to do to us. It is no better than his plan which was rejected for the freedom of choice.I do think abortion is wrong but its not my choice and I don't have to answer to it when I die. I have my own problems that I am going to have to be begging mercy for without worrying what you do with your GOD given choice.
I was and am all for outlawing gay marriage. Marriage is a religious institution and the states actually have no authority to perform marriages. They do it for money, but "marriage" is religious. If gays want the same status then there are civil unions and other things they can do to have the same rights as married people without the religious connotation, and for that I say go for it. I don't give a crap what you do, its your choice, but "marriage" is a religious thing and civil union is the non religious equivalent.
It seems that many Mormons, especially in Utah, have a narrow understanding of that freedom of choice. I think that maybe the prophet should again separate the blind masses form their "yes sir" way of thinking. I wish he would again say this half is democrat and this half is republican and you must act according to what’s best for your party.when the scriptures say that the savior is a shepherd and we are his doesn't mean you have to be sheep and follow the others blindly. You were given the ability to think and reason and to choose for yourself too.
I love my church and follow the church and their council, but my choices will be informed choices and I will not be a sheep in the sense that I will follow the others sheep blindly. I have my own mind and my own will and I will flex them like muscles, and just like muscles if you don’t use them and flex lose them.anyway, that's how I see it. I don't agree with a lot of choices that people make but I can't force them to comply to my religious beliefs or moral compass and neither should others. If I did I am no better that option 1.
I am sure that this will not be a popular post especially in Utah.
Another friend said it perfectly yesterday. She said that we are not here to regulate others morality. We are here to regulate our own.

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