Friday, February 27, 2009

A friend of mine wrote this on his blog:

On the current brouhaha with the Republicans complaining about the recovery plan set forth by Obama.

Republicans were unconcerned with debt when they were running up a 10 trillion dollar debt that Obama inherited.
Republicans did not mind tax cuts that gave some people millions and others hundreds. Those policies never grew the economy just the debt.
They are unconcerned with moral hazard when it applies to CEO's getting many millions for poor performance.
They are unconcerned about pork when it applies to the defense budget.
They are unconcerned about government spending when it is to hand out billions to oil companies that already make billions.
They are unconcerned about free markets when they hand out no bid contracts to their friends.
It seems clear that Republicans just don't like the money train running from the wealthy to the middle class. When you consider who finances and votes Republican, all things become clear.They can cry economics but it is politics and fear that dominates Republican thinking.
I really like this friend, but it is funny because I always thought that he was Republican through and through. I guess people can change. Welcome to the dark side buddy!


Brad and Jeannine said...

Give him some time and he will wake up fast that things are not all roses with this new administration

Marlo Balmanno said...

I knew he wasn't a Republican. He just doesn't like stupid.

CBalmanno said...

I'll take not roses with this admnistration over the sewer-filth that was the last one. Even dandilions are better than that crap. I'm so sick of politics in this state. Take off the rose colored glasses and take a good hard look at what's happened over the past 8 years. When are people going to realize that W. was bad for this country?

Miss Kendra said...

I guess I should clear this up. I am an independant voter. I literally meant "Welcome" from me to him, to the "dark" side.

Marlo- He ACTS so republican and argues the republican side so well. I see his "republican" side but I just never expected to see THIS side of him. But yes he doesn't act republican all of the time.

Cris- Roses or dandilions, LDS are asked to "make their own choice" but with a little bit of help from us. Take that as you would like to take it.

Sam said...
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Sam said...

All is not roses with this administration. I don't doubt that. However Cris is right. If Obama can resist the urge to....

-massage foreign dignitaries,
-get shoes thrown at him,
-vomit on prime ministers, -inventificate new words,
-lie to the world about WMD,
-take over a country on false pretenses(don’t misunderstand, I am all for the Iraq war. Sadam was a bad man. Bush should have just said.."Sadam is a bad man and now is our chance."...but he lied),
-resend human rights
-spy on his own country
break international law
-break American law

then I think this administration will be much better. Definitely not roses...but lets face it... can you actually do WORSE than W. did

Marlo Balmanno said...

Yeah what Sam said!

reddirtgirl said...

Me too, what Sam AND CBalmanno said (and your friend with the original post.) I am thankful everyday that wake up that Bush is no longer our president. Obama might not be perfect but at least he is attempting to be honest and act for the good of someone other that just himself.