Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Poker Party

For Valentine's Day Lewis and I went to go to a poker party with a bunch of friends. Only one of them read this blog so I could totally lie about what happened, and they would never know, but being the good person that I am, I will be honest.
Lewis and I took the bank. Yes!!! Finally. (Well one person won more then me, but it was her house ans she doesn't read my blog, so I will skim over that...) The past 2 times that we have played with them they killed us. (Last month Lewis went ALL IN on the SECOND hand for goodness sakes!! And lost it all!!) I have never played so well in my life. I folded when I should have and bet when I needed to.

Here is Holly and Kyle.
And Connie and Tim.

I do not have pictures of the other couples. I mean, I do but they did not come out very good, so I choose not to show my horrible skills with the camera.
Thanks for the great Valentine's Day!!!


Rubymainia said...

Cool.Sounds like fun. I got lady-bug earings.

Diana Croshaw said...

remind me never to play you at poker! I'm not sure I even really know how to play! Glad you had a fun date with friends!

reddirtgirl said...

You've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run...Sounds like fun! (Especially the winning part:)

Mrs. T said...

Ya that's right - no fibbing Kendra! You totally know that you went home broke! Oh yeah...that was us! Nice Job!

Kendra B. 512 C. said...

Funny thing is that I really am not good at all. I just had a lucky night... or everyone else had an unlucky night.


Rubymainia said...

Kendra, where did you get your Today is my Dad's b-day, and we ate Fla(u)n!!! It was home made!

Rosie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet. I think a Valentine Poker Party is fun, (even if it kinda sounds a little dirty.:)

Miss Kendra said...

Us? Dirty? Never!! We keep it to a clean game!