Monday, February 2, 2009


OH! I totally forgot to add to my last post about Friday afternoon. Duh!! M.R. took my kids home from school, a wonderfully friendly thing to do, and I gave the garage door opener to my daughter Haley. She opened the garage for them to get in and then set the garage door opener on the counter. I got home at 1:45, changed to work out, and left... without the garage door opener and went back to school for Turbo Jam.

Halfway through T.J. Haley decided to go out to the car and get a phone number to call a friend. I thought that it sounded fine. I explained that she needed to prop the door open in the kitchen with a big salsa bottle because if it closed then she would be locked out. She TOTALLY understood, or so she said.

I worked out for about 15 minutes and just as I was getting really worried about her she walks in with tears in her eyes, and her face all puffed out. She had gone down to the car, but went out a different way and had gotten herself locked outside of the school. She proceeded to go from door to door knocking and screaming until a couple of girls heard her and opened the door to let her back inside. I quickly hugged her, told her she was fine, stopped the crying and had her sit down for the last 20 minutes of my workout. Then she felt better.

We picked up Abigail from daycare and drove home and parked in the driveway (I left the garage opener at home, remember???). We walked up to the door and knocked, hoping that Jason would get off of the computer long enough to answer and let us in out of the freezing cold. About 5 minutes of knocking and no answer my phone rings and it was M.R. my WONDERFUL neighbor.
(Dialog may not be exact, but it gets the point across.)

M.R.: "Kendra, are you home?"
K.F.: "Why yes. We just got here and we are knocking on the door because I left the garage door opener inside and I am waiting for Jason to open up for us to go in and Haley is freaking out because she got locked out of the school and is having a hard afternoon, and Abigail is sitting in the driveway eating goldfish." (I did totally run on like that for about 2 to 3 minutes.)
M.R.: "Hmmm. He is here. Jason came up to our house and the kids did not hear him knock because they were in the basement so he walked home and found out that he was locked out. I heard him screaming (from up the road!!!) so I came down and brought him back to my house. He said he was outside for 45 minutes." (Which was probably true because she was at the library that long and I was at the school for an hour.)
K.F.: "$#!^. Now we are all locked out. The door knob is broken and we can't get in."
M.R.: "I'm coming down...."

So she came down and we end up breaking in the back window and shoving Abigail through to open the door for us. Jason came home a while later and he had no shoes or coat. He must have been freezing.

My point? It is always nice to have a good friend that lives on your street to help you break into your house when it is cold outside. Thanks for the memories M.R.!!


reddirtgirl said...

Wow, you really did mean an homage. I am so honored. Thank you, thank you (bow, bow, throw kisses).

Always happy to help. Let's just not do the Jason screaming on the porch thing again. I thought my heart was going to break in two.

Tennessee Sigmans said...

You should consider a combination key pad for the garage door opener. We have one. It is not that expensive. And well worth it!

Sorry you had such a rough moment. At least you have great neighbors!

Kendra B. 512 C. said...

Good idea but it is not my house, we just rent. I am not adding anything to it.

Rubymainia said...

Who is "M.R." I'm wriring a book, for fun!!!