Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Weekend Fun

I know that I said no posts until I have my camera but this one is important so I do not want to wait and forget all of the fun stuff that I did this weekend.

Thursday I was driving the kids home from school. I was going to take them home and quick-change my clothes and go back for a workout session with the girls. As I looked down and noticed that I had no gas, a did a fast U-turn to go back the half a block to the gas station when the car completely died. Yes, it died. Ran out of gas right in the middle of the road. So 2 people pulled over and helped push me to the side of the road. All I could do was laugh. The kids thought that I was insane. I just laughed and laughed while they got all upset. So I called M.R. and she came right there and got us in about 5 minutes. She took the kids home and brought me back to me car. THANKS!!! (Don't worry this is the only happy ending in this post.)

Okay so I was driving home last night at about 10:00pm and I got pulled over. {I am a very good driver. I have 4 kids and do not drive recklessly. I have never had a accident that was my fault. The one I had an old man crashed into me while he was taking an illegal turn. I have never had points for my license, never had to pay a ticket and never had to go to court.} I was in a round-a-bout (circle) over by the District in South Jordan and he pulled me over IN the circle for (get this) not having my blinker on IN the circle. Are you freaking kidding me??? He started asking me questions like, "Where were you? Where are you going? If you were with your husband then why is he driving separately?" So I got a little pissy with him and he was getting pissy with me and I got a citation, which I am going to fight. He won't show up and I will get off. Hopefully. He had a mini cop with him so I think he was training plus it was the last day of the month and I think he was going for his "quota" and looking for drunk drivers. I was 100% sober, not even cough medicine in me so he needed to say that I did something wrong. And to top it all off he told me that I "barely" stopped at the stop sign and I need to take my time and stop for a longer time next time. WHAT?? What does that mean. There is no law stating that I need to be stopped for 10 seconds. I came to a complete stop, that is all that matters right? Right. Can you tell that I am irritated?

I woke up this morning feeling better and not really caring about the STUPID cop. I was in a good mood. We had our morning with Lewis making a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon and doing the dishes for me! I had the kids do a couple of chores each, and it was a pretty quiet morning until my phone rang. It was 10:30 and it was the alarm company for the school.

"Hi my name is Amy and I am calling because we got an alarm call from your place of business for the WEST door. Then we got a silent alarm for the East door and then someone turned it off. We called the police. Do you want me to cancel them?"

"Yes, Amy this is Kendra and yes please cancel the police. I am heading down now, I will call back if there is an emergency."

So in my pajamas (which are Lewis' sweats and a t-shirt) and flip flops I jump in the car and head down. When I get there 2 teachers are there and they say that a man left the WEST door and got into a red car just as they were entering the building. Great. So I check the building and all of the rooms are locked, and none of the computers are gone. So it was one of two things:

1. A teacher did not want to take the 10 seconds to drive around to the EAST entrance of the building and turn off the alarm so they thought that they could run in and out in enough time (and if this is the thing that happened I will be so mad because this is what always happens and ruins my night/weekend/date with husband/nap or whatever I am doing at the time).

2. A stranger got the key (maybe an old contractor or a sketchy key maker guy... I don't know I am not physic... or am I????) and was going in to see what he could get but then saw the teachers and chickened out????

Whatever it was it was over before I got there.

Then when I got home I got onto the computer to check email and play on Facebook, you know the normal stuff, and the boys walk in and say, "Oh! Cool bubbles all over the floor!!" WHAT!!! Lewis and I jumped up and ran into the kitchen. And there was about 2 to 3 inches of smelly bubbles on the floor and about 100 gallons of water! (I had Dranoed the sink earlier) The sink and dishwasher must have backed up into each other and produced a NASTY combo of Drano/dirty water/dishwasher detergent and spit it back out onto the floor. And to top it off the dishwasher was not draining. We got the Shop Vac out and proceed to suck up the offensive water. We get it full and drained it out the back door. Then when we turned it back on to suck up more water all it would do was spray Drano water back out ONTO us. It was not working at all! So we scrapped that and grabbed a ton of big towels to sop up the mess.

So in the past 72 hours I have:

- run out of gas
- been pulled over
- been called to the school for an alarm
- and been ankle-deep and covered in Drano

I guess my weekend could have been worse, and there were a few more bad things that happened, but I think you get the point. I actually had lots of fun stuff happen too, and I will post about those later once I am in a better mood.

Whens My Vacation???

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Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Yep that sucks. I hate quotas. And plumbing problems. Hopefully you got all the bad stuff over with and now you won't have to deal with that anymore!