Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do You Ever?

*worry so much that you can't sleep?
*over think something until it barely exists?
*know that there is a decision to be made, and not be able to make it?
*wonder what the other person is thinking?
*just want it to be decided so that you can know?
*think that you love someone more then they love you?
*think that you worry about something way more then is needed?
*just give up the fight because you know that there is no way that you can win?


*sleep through the night regardless
*just keep on going, knowing that it will get better
*look for the light in the situation, despite the darkness
*stop worrying when you know it will not help
*just keep living, breathing, hoping, praying
*figure that they love you more, but do not know how to show it
*realize that everyone is human, and nobody is perfect
*just let it go...

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