Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Utah State Fair

I know you all thought that was a typo there. Kendra at the state fair? Never. Well yes we took the kids to the fair. The girls had been seeing commercials for the fair for weeks and they had it in their mind that it was going to be the best day ever! Well I think it was better than I expected and they might have been a little disappointed. Either way, we had a good couple of hours.

Here is a food truck. I took this picture for Adam. We watch the Food Truck Race Show on t.v and we are interested in food trucks.

Lewis of course had to eat the biggest thing he could find, a turkey leg. Sick.

I got my food and I needed a place to sit and eat so we wandered over to a comedy show. the guy looked familiar so we stayed and he was pretty funny. He looked familiar because he was on America's Got Talent (I don't watch that), Last Comic Standing (I don't watch that either) and Tosh.0 (that one I do watch!). This was by far the best part of the day!

He was very funny and he was very nice to the girls. He tried to get Abigail on stage with him but she was playing shy. He very kindly took a picture with them after the show:

Here is a strange puppet thing. He was following Jason around for a while:

Cute girls:

Abi as a baby cougar:

Petting a baby cow. The rest of us wanted nothing to do with it, but Abi loves animals:

Jason and I went into the fun house with mirrors. He loves to have his picture taken as you can see:


And Tiki shots:

Haley finally enjoying herself:

And finally the ride home. Abigail was feeling sick and tired after a long day:

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