Monday, October 1, 2012

Thailand (Wednesday Night Gala)

Wednesday night was the fancy formal dinner. They do one at every COE. This one was actually at our sister resort right next door so the van ride was very short. We got there and they had appetizers and drinks for everyone while they did couple photos. We waited for over an hour to get into the tent for dinner. We finally got to go into the dinner and fight find seats when a waiter dropped a whole tray of glasses and the floor was all wet and dangerous. We went in and were trying to find our friends from that day but Lewis' boss' wife found us first and we were taken to one of the front tables to eat with them. Not exactly where I wanted to be. I like to sit in the back and sneak out when we are ready to go. When you sit in the front everyone can see you and so it is not as easy to sneak out unnoticed. Here is our wonderfully large and crazy centerpiece:

Here is our menu. Click on it to make it bigger and you will see that almost nothing on the menu was Kendra eatable.

Here is the only recognition that Lewis gets from the company once there. Everyone has their names scroll through the screen during the 5 hour dinner:

We had some great entertainment during dinner. Dancers (who were mostly men) did dances in between the different courses.

The one part of the dinner that I ate and enjoyed was this lemon sorbet served in a coconut. I ate all of it and it was delicious! It was supposed to be the pallet cleansing before the main dish but I did not care.

More dancing:

And the main dish. I got mine and promptly asked for it to be taken away. The prawn was humongous! I moved the nasty and underneath was a delicious little steak. Oh yeah baby! I ate that little thing too :)

Here is the one picture that was taken of us at the dinner that was okay to share. All of the other pictures were taken while we were eating or talking and they are horrible. (I sold my nice camera before we left and we never got around to getting another nice one before the trip so I know I would have had more pictures if I had a nice camera, but it is what it is. I used the little point and shoot and it was alright, but we really need a new camera before we go on another trip.)

After dinner there was dancing (yes, I got Lewis to dance a little bit) but the music was terrible so after about an hour we left to go back to our resort. We found a lounge still open at midnight and they had Diet Coke!!! So Lewis happily bought me a $7 Diet Coke. What a great man!! I put it in the fridge in our room to save it for the next day.

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