Friday, October 5, 2012

Thailand (Thursday Night)

Thursday night was the last official event with Infor. It was a fair well party and dinner at the beach club in the resort. By Thursday I had run out of clothes so I just wore this dress again. When we got to the beach club there were angels greeting us:

We walked down by the water and took some pictures. It was beautiful in Thailand:

Here we are with the beach club behind us:

After dinner (fish, wierd chicken, fried rice, and fruit; of which I ate the rice and fruit) they had fire dancers. This was really neat to watch:

Kendra and Kara:

Lewis and some Angels (it is still up for debate if they were both women):

One Thai custom is for people to release these floating leis into the water. It represents letting go of grudges and hurt feelings to make room for new opportunities and new friends. So here I am with Kara picking out our floats:

And here we are letting them go:

After everything was done Lewis and I walked through the resort and I had him take some pictures of me with the decorations and statues:

I LOVED these elephant statues. They were located outside the daycare area and I wanted to take one home with me. Since I could not do that I just had my picture taken with one of them instead:

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