Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thailand (Thursday Night Night)

 I completely forgot to show you our gift from Thursday night. It was an elephant bell. You ring it in the morning for luck for a good day and in the evening to let all of the stress and anger leave you. Here is a picture of it inside my house:

To be honest I love it but I had no idea how they expected us to get it home; it weighs a ton! I put it inside of my dirty clothes suit case and padded all around it. I am glad that I have it, and it is a really neat gift, but good grief it really has to weigh about 15 pounds!

After the last event most people packed up and had flights to catch at 9 or 10 pm to come back to the states. We had extended so that we could stay another day so we were able to walk around and stay up late while everyone else was leaving. We sat up at our little bar/club area and listened to live music while people caught the buses to leave for the airport. I was so happy right then to not have to pack up and go. They were all rushed and stressed out about packing the last minute things. Plus we knew that the resort was going to be practically empty the next day so we could have the place to ourselves again. 

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