Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Reunion

Brent came to town to bring Christopher to BYU and there was a family reunion that weekend. We drove down to Mount Pleasant to Grams house and had a yummy meal, games, and a history lesson on some of the family members.

Here is Abigail. She found a fluffy caterpillar. She was in heaven :)

Here is Grams (Linda) all dressed up as her ancestor America. She did a great job telling us about her life and everything that she went through.

This little guy was too tired to listen and fell asleep:

Haley put together these two sticks and went around scalping people for fun. It was a very warm day so everyone pretty much just stayed in the shade.

It was great to see Grams. Lewis' uncle Mark was there with his daughter Whitney too. The last time I had seen Whitney in real life she was babysitting for my kids when we lived in Lehi about 10 years ago! We are Facebook friends but we just never see each other. It was nice seeing everyone!

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