Monday, September 24, 2012

Thailand (Tuesday Night)

After we got back from the elephant ride Lewis needed another nap. Some people just like to nap on vacation. We did not have long to hang out before we had to shower and get ready for dinner. Tuesday night was a free night to do whatever we wanted. We chose to go to an Italian restaurant in town. The company had vans to take us there and had given us the $$. Here is Lew looking either confused or bored, and maybe a little of each:

The classic Kendra picture:

When we got to the restaurant we were given a complimentary appetizer. It was a muscle, I think. I am not big into seafood (I actually hate most fish) but I ate it and it was delicious:

About half way through dinner a couple left that was sitting right on the rails over looking the sea. The waiter asked if we would like to move over and I said yes. Instead of moving our food 2 men walked over and picked up our whole table and switched it with the one at the water's edge. Genius.
It was gorgeous. There was a breeze and the tide was coming in. We watched the crabs fight for food and scurry as the waves crashed below us:

We were literally sitting over the water so as the tide came in the waves crashed and sprayed us with water. I had a thought right before dinner was over about my kids. My kids happen to be in California at the time. It was neat to feel connected to them from so far away. Same ocean, different sides.
Dinner was delicious and I ate everything. It was the first time I felt satisfied the whole trip. I just had pasta with red sauce but it was so good.

These are the steps that you have to walk down to get to the restaurant. Very steep:

Once back in the room I found our gift was a silk pillow with sage stuffing. It smelled heavenly. The note said that when the smell fades to put the pillow in the sun and it will come back. Along with the pillow we got an invitation to an artisan bazaar that was to be held the next day at the resort. We would be given play money to spend to buy locally made items. I love this because we could choose what we wanted:

Up next is Big Buddha and the shopping bizarre bazaar.

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