Friday, September 14, 2012

Thailand (Sunday)

In case you missed the last loooong installment of my brag blog we had just arrived at our beautiful resort in Thailand.

I woke up at 5ish and couldn't sleep anymore so I played on my I-Pad and let Lewis sleep for another hour or so. We decided to go to the gym and lift and then walk on the beach before breakfast. We wore flip flops to lift so that we could go straight out to the beach afterward. Unfortunately in Thailand you must wear tennis shoes to lift so we skipped the gym and headed straight out to the beach. It was fairly early and there was nobody around. We walked down the beach quite a ways. The water was amazing. It was a beautiful blue, and the beach was more pebble and shells than sand. The rip tide was really bad so red flags were up warning not to swim. We walked and looked at the devastation from the tsunami. Buildings with prime water front real estate sat empty and pretty much destroyed. It was very sad. The people either walked away from their stores (lack of money to rebuild) or were living in the devastation. It was very real.

After our walk we went back to shower and get ready for the day. Here is a picture of me on the balcony off of our room. It is so humid outside that whenever I oped the camera it would fog right up:

We walked to breakfast and I had fruit, chocolate croissants, and eggs cooked to order. I wanted a Diet Coke but none could be found so after we ate we were on a mission to find a D.C. for me. After searching the huge resort looking for D.C. I was told that we would need to ride the ferry across the lagoon to the shops to get the soda. Here is a picture of our hotel from the lagoon:

And a picture of a hot guy waiting for the ferry to take us across the lagoon:

After walking around the (most expensive touristy stores ever) shops and finding zero DCs we decided to walk back around the lagoon. It is pretty small and I wanted to look at the resort. Here is the Thai restaurant on the resort. Baht Talay was the name, and no, we did not eat there. Most of the group ate there one night or another but I am not big on Thai food so we did not. It is a gorgeous building anyway. Built out on the water and overlooking the lagoon.

Here is the wedding chapel on the resort. Inside there was a rehearsal going on. We were lucky enough to see the actual wedding the next day with the bride and groom coming in on elephants.

Here are some of the local trees. The roots grow individually above ground. Strange.

This is the path into the resort. The lanterns are about 4-5 feet tall (helps you put the picture into perspective).

When we got back we headed out to the pool to eat lunch and relax. Most of the company was not there yet so we almost had the place to ourselves. We met a few couples and chatted but mostly I sat in the sun and relaxed. And as all of you know sitting at the pool is just about my favorite past time :)

After the pool, Lewis took a nap and then we got ready for dinner. We ate dinner on the property that night. It was a buffet style dinner (which is how the breakfast is served as well) and it was clean and in an air conditioned building. I was able to eat fruit, bread, and salad. There were lots of choices to choose from but it was all questionable in my eyes. Lewis tried quite a few things and like a couple of them.

Oh Btw, lunch and dinner were covered by his company even though we were there a day early. Sometimes it is the little things people :)

Next up will be Monday...

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