Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thailand (Monday)

Monday was the first official day of the trip. Monday was a free day to do whatever we wanted. Breakfast was at the resort again. I has eggs, croissant, and fruit again. It was safe. The company gave us money to pay for lunch (and all other meals that they did not provide for us). During the day we went to the gym, hung out at the resort and went to the pool. Lewis got a nap in and I watched the Olympics. Dinner was the first official event of the COE (Circle of Excellence). The baby elephant that stays at the resort, Suri, came out for pictures. So cute!! If you did not know, the main reason that I wanted to go to Thailand was to see the elephants and ride one. 

Before dinner while most of the people were getting drunk the resort had demonstrations of local martial arts for us to watch:

They also had a live "shadow puppet" dancing for us. This was really neat to see.

We watched the employees at the resort make this Infor sign during the day. They made the letters out of wire and then threaded live flowers all around to make the letters. It was floating in the lagoon on a raft. Really cool.

  During dinner (we ate with Lewis' boss's boss) there were "monkeys" walking around. These monkeys cause mischief by poking someone or pinching them and then turning around and pretending to not know what is going on: 

After dinner we walked back to the room because I wanted to hurry up and see what gift was left on the bed from the company Lewis was getting tired. 

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The Ostlers said...

You guys go on the best vacations! I am so so jealous right now :)