Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thailand (Sunday) Gifts and Thoughts

Sunday night after dinner I went into the room and I saw this:

We got a gift basket with locally made bath items like shampoo, body wash and a really cool bamboo tray. It also had gift certificates for new Maui Jim sunglasses. We received some of these 2 years ago when we went to Mexico with his company. Lewis needed a new pair and I LOVE mine so of course I was happy to accept another pair. To get the sunglasses we take the certificates to the office and trade them in for a pair of our choosing. Of course I always choose the most expensive pair :)

Our gift from the resort was a shadow puppet. After reading the information that came with the puppet we found out that shadow puppets are how kids keep busy in Thailand at night. Can you imagine, no t.v. and just a puppet to play with? I think my kids would die:

At this point my thoughts about Thailand were that it was really hot and humid. We had to shower twice a day (at least). The second that we left the air conditioning we were dripping with sweat. I was trying to find a way to be comfortable while wearing clothes but I was finding it very difficult to do. 

Up next was Monday. It was the first official day of the COE.

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