Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thailand (Monday Night Gifts)

After dinner on Monday we walked through the resort and found a little lounge area to hang out. There was a cool fountain that was lit up from the bottom. It was very cool.

Walking around at night you see thousands (yes, thousands) of these guys:

They were really cool. They do not come out during the day because their skin in translucent. If you look closely at the feet there are little suction cups as toes. They would climb on the walls and ceiling all over the resort. When we left our room at night the ceiling and walls looked like they were moving because the lizards ran all over. 
When we got back to our room we had this waiting for us:

A one strap backpack (which as we were walking to our room we were talking about buying one because we forgot to bring one for the excursion days) with all of the necessities needed for a day out in town. It had snacks (which we did not eat because they looked questionable), nuts, sunscreen, aloe lotion, bug spray, Tylenol,  and hangover medicine. Perfect because the next day we were heading out to cross something off of my bucket list...

Next up is Tuesday with the elephants!

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