Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkins and Halloween

Here are our pumpkins ready to be carved:

Abigail and Haley all dressed and ready to go:

Haley was her favorite character from Harry Potter again this year. We were very lucky this year with the kid's costumes. Haley already had this costume from last year. Here she is with her cock-eyed pumpkin. She planned it that way:

Abigail wanted to be a baby for Halloween. Easy. Here she is with her pumpkin with cute little cheeks:

Adam was Santa Clause this year for Halloween. He went to a dance at school and then on Halloween he wasn't going to get candy but his buddies convinced him that it was the right thing to do so he went. Here is his pumpkin. Don't judge us. It is not a suicide. Adam shot him so he would not become a zombie when he died...

And Jason. Oh what do I say about Jason? He did not want a costume this year. He wore regular clothes to school on party day and then on Halloween he went with his friend and they both wore sweatshirts with hoods that zip up all the way and have scary faces on them. It was the most that we could get him to do and it really might be his last year going for candy. Here is his pumpkin. He didn't know what to do so we went with a cannibal theme:

Happy Halloween!!!


The UnMighty said...

At first I was horrified by what I thought was a suicide pumpkin, then I read the whole thing and was relieved to learn it was a mercy killing.

Miss Kendra said...

We are all about the zombie apocalypse at our house so most things revolve around that. Mercy killings are what we promise to do :)