Sunday, November 11, 2012

Picking Pumpkins

First off I will say that I am not sure what he is doing with this pumpkin but I can say that it was freezing!! It was 78 degrees the day before and then 42 degrees this day and then it got back up to 76 for Halloween!

Half of the pumpkins in the patch were like this one. They were already rotten.

Here is Haley trying to hide from the freezing wind inside of a horse trailer filled with hay:

And of course the girls had to "drive" all of the classic tractors that they have on the farm for the kids to play on:

As you can see from their hair the wind was blowing so hard that we really had to hurry and get the pumpkins and pictures and get out of there. Too bad we choose the one freezing day to go get them.

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