Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Cornbellys

In October Thanksgiving Point has a fall/Halloween set up with a company called Cornbellys. We always take the kids for one afternoon of fun. But like all other traditions we have had since we came to live in Utah, our kids are getting too old for them. This year Haley and Abi were the on;y ones that still enjoyed the whole thing. Adam and Jason are just too old for these little things. It is a bummer but I think next year I will just take the girls and hope that they can enjoy it for one more year.

Here is Hal and Abi sitting in the giant rocking chair:

Haley as a werewolf, and Abigail as a ghost:

This was a new addition to the fun. The girls raced around the track:

This is my favorite photo from that day. They just look right in these bodies :)

Jason did have one enjoying moment. He had a deep fried Twinkie with chocolate sauce. He loved it:

 Here is Lewis and Jason finishing the corn maze. The corn maze was the only thing that the boys enjoyed. Adam likes to go at night with his friends when the corn maze becomes haunted.

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