Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Can I Say? Slugworth had it right!

First I wanted to start off with a list of Gobstopper points.

  • Everyday Gobstoppers come in red, green, yellow, purple and orange.
  • During holidays they are also available in heart shapes, candy cane shapes and also red, green and white at Christmas. Chewy Gobstoppers are also available but I do not consider them real Gobstoppers.
  • Small Gobstoppers are much better then the giant ones. I hate the large ones that we used to buy in the 80's from the gas stations. Gross!
  • As the colors change when you suck on a Gobstopper, so does the flavor.
  • It is a fat free candy!
  • Basically it is a dense ball of pressed sugar with a hard (sugar) candy coating shell.
  • I eat at least 40 a day (on the days that I eat them). I do take breaks from eating them every now and then.
  • Depending on the box you buy you can get 6, 9, 15, or 20 for about 59 calories. It all depends on size and shape.

What color is the best? Green and Purple hands down. Purple has the best flavor to begin with but green's second flavor is unbeatable. My least favorite is orange and right before Spring Break I bought 3 boxes and they must have been from a batch that had double the orange then any other color. It was a nightmare for me!

How do I eat them? I have a process of eating them. When I open a box I pour them out into a Ziploc so that I can see them. I eat them one at a time, not being picky about color at first. Once there is a reasonable amount left in the bag I eat them until there is an even number of each color left. (I know that I have issues. Stop judging me.) Maybe 15-20 of each. Then I eat them in a pattern, always trying to keep the same number of each left. (Ha!!! I sound crazy!) This is hard sometimes as I have 4 children who like to snatch one every time they come and see me at work. Plus since I work at a school there are about 20 6th grade girls that love to try and get one when they come to say "hi" (which really means that they are trying to get out of going out to recess). As for actually eating them... I suck on them until they are soft enough to bite and then I crack them in half and then keep sucking on them until the inside is gone and then I crunch the outer shell.

Tomorrow: Ode to a Gobstopper!

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