Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Two of Vacation: Wednesday

Wednesday was supposed to rain. But guess what? It didn't! It just kept getting warmer and nicer throughout the day. All I could do was think about the poor sad people at home in the SNOW!!

Wednesday was a nice quiet day. We sat around and got ready to go at about lunch time. We went and had Sams To Go (some of you know what that is, and it is delicious sandwiches). Then we went to see Bounty Hunter. I know what you are all thinking. A movie on vacation? Well, yes. I love to go to the movies and so does Jess. It was cute and funny, and yes Lewis, you would have hated every minute of it so it is one less that you have to go and see with me :)

After the movie we went to do a little shopping. A very little. I was looking for "prizes" for my kids but I could find nothing to get them (I got them all S.B t-shirts last time I was here). I think in 2 hours plus we walked many miles, went into 10 stores, bought 2 pounds of Sees chocolate, and a sweatshirt. We went to the mall and walked downtown but everything was so pricey. Including the sweatshirt and candy. The worst money spent while on this shopping trip was also the funniest part of the day. We met this guy:

He was on the street selling "Jokes For Smokes" and I do not mean cigarettes. He had 4 friends and a dog with him. So we gave him a quarter and told him to tell us his favorite joke. The joke he told was so bad that I will not even repeat it here. Lets just say that the jokes were as clean as he was.

Oh Santa Barbara! Your sun is so sunny, and your freaks are so freaky!!

After shopping we met J's mom and Joe at a restaurant on the beach for dinner. We sat outside, which turned out to be a bit windy and chilly, but very beautiful. All 4 of us had salad and clam chowder with bread. It was very good. It sure is funny how seafood actually tastes good at the beach. After dinner the 3 ladies went to Coldstone for a little ice cream dessert. Then back to the beach house for television and bed.

I LOVE being on vacation!! (But I am starting to miss my little monkeys at home.)

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Natalie said...

Oh, Kendra! You are NOT to talk to the weirdos!!! The ones on the east side of the street tend to be all the "rebel" little rich kids who think it's cool to act like poor hippies. The ones on the left side of the street won't get jobs because they make too much money panhandling!

However, did you see the dog, cat, and mouse guy?