Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Four of Vacation: Friday

Friday was a busy day for us. We slept in and got up a little later then the other days. Jess set up a lunch with her friend from middle school. downtown at a Mexican restaurant. We went out to eat and stayed for over 3 hours sitting outside and chatting. Her friend was adorable and funny of course, we all are :)

After lunch we only had a little over an hour or so to walk around downtown with her mom before going to pick up Sarah (Jess' step mom) and drive out to Neverland (you all know what Neverland I am speaking about) on our way to eat dinner with Bob, Jess' dad. We ate at a really yummy restaurant. I had pizza. I know I hate pizza, but this pizza was delicious. Here is a picture of us in from of the gate to Neverland.
On the way home from dinner we decided to go and see one more movie and went to see Last Song. It was the worst movie that I have seen all year. If any other actress had played the main role it would have been bearable. I just think that the actress that played the main character was horrible. And to think that she is quiting singing to concentrate on acting...YIKES!!! Not my number one recommendation for movies this year.

After the movie we went to the parking garage, got the car and headed out. When we got to the gate we needed to pay $3 and we only had $2.72 in cash. They would not accept anything over a $20, no out of state checks, no credit and no debit cards either. As we are digging through the car to find .28 the guy at the gate tells us that he can write us a ticket if we do not pay. So I say I am going to get out of the car and ask the people behind us for a quarter because I am not getting a ticket for not having thirty cents when I had a $100 bill and 2 credit cards and a debit card and a checkbook. So I get out and the car behind us has an elderly couple in the front seat and an even older lady in the back seat. When they rolled down the window I told them that the man at the gate would not let us leave and could I please have a quarter. The oldest lady in the back seat leans up with a quarter in hand and says, "Dear Lord!!! He won't let you leave!" After that I have no idea what they said, I had my quarter. I jump in the car, give it to Jess and she hands it to the man. Oops, we are still short. Crap! So I dig again and search in my bag, and in the smallest pocket that I never use was another quarter! Jess hands it off and says Keep The Change and we drive away laughing. The old lady's voice still rings in my ears and I start laughing randomly to this day when I think of her.

We went home, watched TV did some laundry before bed. Another good day in California.

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