Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Three of Vacation: Thursday

Thursday morning I was awaken by the horrible sound of Lady Gaga singing. Oh wait, it was just my cell. Katie was calling me at 7:15am my time.

Dear Katie,
You do know that it I did not love you so much I would have had to hunt you down and kill you.
Love, Kendra

So since I was awake anyway I decided to embrace the holiday feeling and April Fool both my blog and Facebook. HA! I seriously can't believe that worked. I guess if I have not seen you in a while you would never know that I have a disturbed sense of humor. Sorry about that. I meant no harm in the joke. Some people did not find it very funny :)

Moving on!

Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day:

We grabbed some lunch from Fosters Freeze. Yummy burritos and ice cream. Then we headed back to the house and we layed out on the lawn for a while and read. Sometimes it is so hard being here in the wonderful hot sunshine while my family is at home in the SNOW!! We were able to lay out and enjoy the heat of the sun for quite a while. That is until the gardeners got there and needed us to move. We were reluctant but the grass had to be mowed. Oh wait! I think I have a picture of Jess soaking up the sun. Yes, I do! Here it is...

Oh! Did I forget to say that the wind made the 65 degree day feel like -12 degrees? Sorry about that. But do not feel sorry for us. I got a little bit of a light burn on my arms and chest while braving the icy winds.

So when sunbathing did not work out we headed out for another movie. We went to see Alice in Wonderland. I know that I have seen it before but Jess had not, and who am I to turn down Tim and Johnny? Of course I wanted to go and see it again. Like I told my friend Sharron the other day, "You know I love the freak action!" Now taking that out of context it looks bad, but really we were talking about J. Depp and T. Burton.

After the movie we hit the a store on the way to Jess' house for dinner. Her mom made delicious salmon, salad and artichokes. Then we headed home to make brownies and watch Greys and Private Practice. Another wonderful day in S.B.!!

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