Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 6

So speaking of breaking...

Lewis called me at about 9:00, right when he was supposed to be finishing his basketball game. He jammed his finger and nobody would pull it out for him because it looked disgusting, and he did not want to pop it back out by himself so he had to drive to the ER. All of the Insta Cares close at 9:00 so there was nowhere else to go. He called me so that I could meet him at the ER and bring him the FLEX card, so he could pay for the visit.

When he got there they put him in a room and the nurse was setting him up with blood pressure cuff and a heart rate finger pad. She accidentally put the finger pad on his hurt finger and when she pulled it off to move it she inadvertently popped his finger back into place. So by the time I got there he was fine but they would not let him leave without having an x-ray.

Before I left him to go back home I managed to get him a glass of water even though there was an evil ER nurse that did not want him drinking, just in case he would have to have surgery... um yeah. He was going to need surgery because of a jammed finger...

He needed a splint for a week or so and they gave him some Motrin and a light pain pill just in case it was worse the next day. So now Lewis is fine, but he is telling the kids that his hand is broken so that they will give him foot massages and get him drinks and stuff. Not to mention that it is his middle finger that is hurt so he is walking around flipping all of us off all day.


Caitlin said...

Haha! I am sorry to laugh at your misfortune but I cannot BELIEVE that the nurse put the monitor on his HURT finger??!! Come ON! That is just horrible- hope you will never go back there!

And hope the jammed finger is feeling better- glad no surgery was needed! ;)

Miss Kendra said...

Oh we will not go back there for sure! I'm not sure what would happen if something was seriously wrong!

And BTW laugh away! I think it is funny that he had to go to the ER and nobody would just "pull his finger"!