Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 1

Last Monday I went out to dinner with my aide friends from school. It was Jen's last day, and Tori had just quit a few weeks earlier so we all wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate them moving on to something new.
A wonderful restaurant down at the mall was chosen. They have so many choices for dinner and a great dessert menu. So I ordered chicken with potatoes and asparagus spears. When I was taking my second bite of the chicken something hard broke my tooth. I can't say for sure what the hard thing was but I felt my tooth crack and then it fell off. I ran to the bathroom and saw for sure that a quarter of my #30 tooth (right bottom, 2nd from the back) not only cracked but broke off completely. I complained, got my meal comped, free dessert to take with me and then filled out a bunch of forms about how it happened and all of my personal information so that they could contact me and and pay for the damage, if any.
Tuesday came and I scheduled a 9am dentist emergency appointment. They checked out my tooth and sure enough it was too broken to fill. They had to make a crown for it. All he could do on Tuesday was file down the tooth so that it was not cutting my tongue anymore. So we scheduled me to come back on Thursday and have the tooth cleaned out and to have the crown mold made.
Thursday morning came and I went to the dentist. They started and I was feeling completely fine. Then they put in the rubber stopper thing that holds your mouth open on the opposite side while they work. As soon as I put pressure on the rubber thing excruciating pain shot through my mouth. I stopped him from working and started telling him that it hurt. He took a look and could not find anything so they took an x-ray. Sure enough the filling that I had from the time I was 17 (my first filling ever!) had cracked and the tooth was completely infected! I had felt zero pain before because I am a right side eater (I chew my food on the right side of my mouth).
The only thing he could do was wipe some numbing cream on the right side and finish having the crown mould done without the rubber stopper. When they finished he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and some pain pills. He told me to alternate the pain pills with Motrin every three hours and to take the antibiotics 3 times a day until I could have the tooth fixed. I made an appointment for the following Monday (I needed to be on the meds for 3 days before he could do the root canal).

Tomorrow; Spring "Break": Part 2 VEGAS!!!!!!!

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