Monday, January 3, 2011

It's A Girl!!!!!!!!

...And a beautiful one at that! My bestie Sharon had a little girl last week on Tuesday. (But I guess by the time you all read this it will have been two weeks.) Her name is Elisabeth, or I like to call her Baby E, which I have been told by her brother is not her name, but I will tell you that part later. First I want to talk about this baby!!! She is so sweet. I went to the hospital around 3 on Tuesday so she was already about 7 hours old. I tried as hard as I could to get there faster but kids and snow and work held me back. As soon as I got there I got the little one. Ohhh, and she had had her bath so she smelled so good! I held her for about 45 minutes before actual family showed up (thanks Erin!) and I had to relinquish the baby. She is the first girl to be born out of I think 7 or 8 so everyone was very excited to see her. But since I am Kendra I snuck in first before anyone else could :)
5 days later Sharon and Shane (dad) brought their two boys over to stay the night with us so that Sharon would be able to have an easier day on Monday when Shane was gone to the airport to pick up family. As soon as they got here Abigail wanted to hold the baby Here she is enjoying the little one. But it did not last long because it was not what she thought. she has to hold the head, sit still, don't poke, talk quietly. She thought it was going to be like holding her American Girl baby.

I gladly took over the responsibility. I can't wait for Baby E to be big enough for sleep overs too. I am glad that Sharon had one more little one because now I don't have to. I have my four and I can play with her little ones anytime I feel the need. Notice Haley, she did not want to hold the baby at all. Surprised? Yeah, not me either.

So we finally got those two parents out of here so that we could have some fun with the boys. "O" & "A" stayed the night. We had chicken and potatoes for dinner with gummy fish for dessert. Then we changed and watched Toy Story 3 before bed. In the morning, after they slept until 8:45, we had pancakes for breakfast. I had a blueberry mix and these cool pancake molds so we had a great time. That is until "O" noticed that they were not plain pancakes. He asked me if they were blueberry because he hates blueberries. I said um, no they were berry pancakes. And he ate them! He might have hated them, but he ate them anyways! Not really a lie, a blueberry is a berry right?

Where's my pancake lady? -A
Oh yeah! Fun stuff because "A" here was sick all morning carrying around a bowl "just in case". Luckily he started to feel better about breakfast time. Woosh!

Here is "O" questioning me about the berries! He looks suspicious!
He also asked me why I kept calling the baby, Baby E. I said that I like calling her that. He was so not happy and told me that her name is Elizabeth and I can call her that or Lizzy, Liz or Baby, but her name is not Baby E. Oops, sorry "O" I will ask mom what I can call her.
All in all we had a great time. I hope that they will come back again, now that they know we are not scary freaks, and that the dog does bark, but doesn't bite!!

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Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Aw, I love this post. I should just have you write my blog for me!! The boys had a great time and have already been asking to go over again!