Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Every single time I come here I am reminded as to why I hate it."

It was Christmas vacation. They pulled us in by advertising with the Deal of the Day. It was half price for 3 hours. They gave you a bonus of all you can drink soda, 50 tokens, 100 tickets, free glow in the dark flashy thing, and 3 hours of all of the activities. The kids were tired of being home so we went for the day.
They drank the soda:

They played the games:
They seemed to have a great time:
They even skated:

As Lewis and I held our breath and smiled at the kids, we both knew that despite our hatred for this place the children still enjoyed coming. Hopefully someday they will see what we see and understand what we understand. Until then I will hold my breath and carry Clorox wipes.

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