Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haley's Birthday Party

So for Haley's 8th birthday party we had a combined party with another girl from her class, Hannah (which crazy enough was almost Haley's name!). We had 4 stations that the kids rotated through. One was decorating cupcakes. Here is Abigail with her cupcake:

We also had a donut eating contest... with no hands. Here is one of the groups:
We also had two pinatas. This was in case it was knocked out before they all had a chance to hit. Of course that was not the case. They all got to hit on the first one and then we knocked it out. Then on the second one I got to hit first with like two other people and we put holes in it immediately. Here is a picture of the line waiting to hit:

Finally here is the picture of the crazy amount of gifts for the two 8 year old girls. Next year we are doing a NO GIFTS party for sure.

It might seem strange that there are no pictures of the birthday girls together but somehow after taking 190 pictures at the party we did not manage to get some of them together.

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