Thursday, October 7, 2010


Lewis got a great deal on a website for season passes to Cornbelly's for only $12 a person. It is $9 to get in for one day so we decided that it would be a great deal to get the pass for the whole month. this way we can take them on several occasions and not have to feel like we need to rush through all of the things in one day. So we took the kids to on Saturday for the first time. I made the kids take the picture below. Can you tell that Adam was not happy? Everyone is smiling except for him. When exactly did he get too old for this fun stuff anyways?
He must not be too old to have any fun though, because he had a blast bouncing on this thing. He can get really high.
And he can bounce other people really high too. It must be all of that time he spends on the trampoline out back.

The girls got a chance to sit in a carriage and to pretend to be princesses. Oh to be 6 & 8 again!

The kids raced down the slides, and each had an idea of the "fastest" way down.

And who could resist the giant rocker picture? Next time we go I am going to have them each individually sit in this when the sun is not shining in their face. I think it is one of those cheesy pictures that you have to take. Lewis was NOT into this. Still I might try to get him on there next time.

All in all a great day. Very hot but not very crowded. Next week we will tackle the giant corn maze!

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