Monday, March 22, 2010

Lets Go To the Movies!!

So as some of you know I go to the movies.... a lot!

I go at least once a week with:

my wonderful, understanding husband who doesn't always agree with my choice of movie, but happily pretends to enjoy himself while we are there


my good friend who also loves to go to the movies.

I go to see the chick friendly, lovey-dovey, sweet, sappy, teen-oriented films with my friend. And I go to see the action packed, murderous, killer, suspenseful, irreverent movies with my husband. It works out great for all of us because I get to see every single movie in the theater and I get to have someone with me each time. I do not like to go to the theater alone, but that is another blog post. So we get to the meat of this post. A list of all of the movies that I have seen so far this year in the theaters. Well, if I can remember them all. Here is the list of all of the movies that I can remember going to so far this year:

2010 Movies

Leap Year
The Book of Eli
The Spy Next Door
Lovely Bones
Tooth Fairy
The Edge of Darkness
When In Rome
Dear John
From Paris With Love
Valentines Day
Shutter Island
Alice in Wonderland
Green Zone
Remember Me
Shes Out of My League

16 movies in 11 weeks. Not bad. I have at least 2 I want to see this week. Anyone up for a movie?

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Jessica Stark said...

YES! Sean doesn't like movies and I feel like I am always so busy to go. Let's go to one in Santa Barbara. :)