Thursday, March 18, 2010

Haley Started Riding Lessons

She is LOVING it!!! The students have 1 hour one on one with a teacher, it is so nice.
It took a while to find a place that would take 7 year olds. Most places will not take them until they are 8. She would love to keep the lessons going but Lewis needs to sign off on them first. He is coming next week to watch her ride. Hopefully he likes what he sees!


Marlo Balmanno said...

She looks great. Where is it? Both my girls have asked for lessons and I am trying to set things up for the summer.

Natalie said...

Is this the place that the Slagowski's go? Sarah is interested, finally. She wants to be a cowgirl. *Sigh*

Miss Kendra said...


I am not sure if they go to the same place. I am signing Haley up for another session for sure. It is cheap compared to all of the other places that I have called.


We signed up over at Dimple Dell.