Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day One of Vacation: Tuesday

I got up early, got ready for work and packed. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I still had to go into work and be there at 7:45am like usual with the kids. We had Lewis drop us off with my luggage so I could ride to the airport with Jess. I worked through lunch and made sure that everything was ready for Wednesday since I would not be there. As soon as lunch was over we were out.
(In case you were wondering this is the part where the story gets good.)

On our way to the airport the wind was so bad that the cars were being pushed around the road. (I had even checked before leaving on the flight to be sure that we were going to be able to take off, the wind was so bad.) I had preregistered for the fight so when we got to the airport all we had to do was go through security and get to our gate. We decided to not check any bags for convenience sake, and we did not want to pay the freakin' $20 for each bag. We got to security and there was little to no line so I was happy. I put everything into the bins and take off my shoes when I realise that we had gotten into the X-Ray line. Oh well, I will just deal with them seeing my neked self through the machine. Jess goes first and is out in about 3 seconds. My turn. I had never done this before and when I stood still with my arms above my head for the 3 seconds I thought, "Huh, no big deal." Right? WRONG!! So they have me stand to the side when I am done being scanned. I stayed there for like 2 minutes and then the lady who looks like a female version of this guy:

(mustache and all) informed me that since I MOVED too much while they were scanning they did not get a good picture of me and that they wanted to do a Feel Down. Not a pat down but a Feel Down. Of course I was like NO WAY do I want this lady "Feeling" her way down me. YIKES!!! So I asked her if I could just do the machine again and she says no. I ask if I can just get wanded, and she says no. Crap. Now what? She she says that she understands if I am not comfortable with this she is happy to take me and all of my stuff into the back room and "do a more throw search" back there in private. OH HELL NO. What is that? A strip search? I did not ask and just told her that I would be happy to have her do it there in front of the world to see. I will skip the explanation of the "Feel Down" but let's just say that I felt dirty and needed a shower when she was through. (shivering while writing this from the awful memories of the man hands!)
By the time that was over Jess and I were laughing and not really paying attention to what we were doing so security stopped to help us find our way. He really thought that maybe we had never flown before or something. HA! I was just flustered by the semi molestation that I had just received by the lady that they call Security. We made it to our gate without further incident and I was able to chat with my friend Robin for a while. (She works for Delta so she ran up to say hello and meet Jess.)
So by now you think that the story should be through right? No. Remember the wind that I was telling you about earlier? Well it was still blowing outside when we took off. Needless to say the flight was the most bumpy, uncomfortable flight of my life. Poor Jess was so pale I was searching for something for her to vomit in. It was like a roller coaster that everyone goes on once and then never again. When I heard the kid in front of us start to gag I plugged my ears and hummed to myself. If I had smelled or heard anymore it would have been over for me too. The turbulence lasted for the first 30 minutes of the flight and then again while landing in LA the wind was blowing so bad that it was just as bumpy. By the time the plane landed I was done with traveling but we still had a bus ride and a car ride to get up to S.B.
When we got to the beach house Jess' mom was waiting for us and we went out to a yummy dinner of pasta. Then we came back, put on sweats and watched Biggest Loser and Parenthood. I always forget that shows here start an hour later then at home so we did not have to miss anything. We headed to bed a little after 11 and I watched HGTV for a while and then went to sleep. Overall an eventful day without actually doing much. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow on Wednesday!

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Diana Croshaw said...

Yay! Have so much fun on your vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it and make sure to take lots of pics!