Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Abigail,

I love you. You are a darling, wonderful child. You have a great imagination. You can play with almost anyone. You like to help me cook, even if it is raw slimy chicken. You sleep on the floor or in my bed more often then you sleep in your nice pretty new big girl bed. You are very sweet with animals. You love to play with Mojito and just sit and pet Seven. Yesterday I saw you "reading" to your baby in bed. That was very sweet. You usually go to bed on time. You love to take baths and play in the tub with your toys. You make forts, and houses out of blankets. You love to go to the movies with me, even though none of the other kids do. You are loving and kind and sweet, and generous, and playful, and smart.

You are also loud, crazy, needy, whiny, cranky and buggy. You have been known run, hit, pinch, kick, fight, and scream.

The good still out way the bad, so I guess I will keep you.
Love, Mom

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Shannon said...

You're such a good Mom. She is a sweet little girl. :)