Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things I Hate About You (Work Addition)

That is right kids! It is time for another addition of Things I Hate About You...

This is my third installment of the ever changing list of things that I hate about you. Basically I hate everything about everyone for different reasons.

(Not really, but I can find a way to hate everything if you really want me too, but it would take me a long time, so this is for fun writing purposes only. Well and a little bit to vent about how I feel. I am in NO way talking about MY place of business. Just about people I know and things that they do.)

1. I HATE that you can call into work every Monday or Friday (depending on the week) sick because you have a runny nose or a scratchy throat. Listen, we all want a 3 day weekend every week but we just can't have it. If I have to be here then so do you. Suck it up and take some Pepto.

2. I HATE that you get to go out to lunch on your lunch hour. My whole day is lunch. I make the deposits. I run the lunch system. I scan the lunch cards. I open the lunch milks. And then I eat the same thing that we give to the kids. We eat and we talk about lunch; what went well and what we need to change. Just once I want to be able to go to Zuppas and sit for 45 minutes and have a salad and soup. But until then I will eat lunch in the Staff Lounge with everyone else and dream of a lunch hour away talking about shoes and handbags or some other girly crap like that.

3. I HATE that you get to talk crap about your bosses! So not fair!!! I can't even post on Facebook or my blog without everyone seeing my every thought about everyone! Not that I hate my boss, actually the opposite (Hey Sanford! Actually I think he stopped reading my blog months ago...), I just wish I could vent and not get called into the bosses office to "explain myself". Humpf!

4. I HATE that you judge me for working outside of the home. I have two words for you on that subject. Bite Me. My kids are better behaved, smarter, and better cared for then yours, and you stay home. (This is not about anyone who reads this so stop being all offended!)

5. I HATE that you think my job is easy and that I don't do anything. I really do not feel like defending myself to you so I won't. Let me just say to all of you who think my job is cake: you try it for a month and then you can let me know what you think.

Well, that is it for tonight. I hope you enjoyed this addition of
The Things That I Hate About You!

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Diana Croshaw said...

I don't think I've ever thought your job was easy. I can see how hard you work. And I don't think Sanford reads my blog anymore either!