Monday, September 7, 2009

I know what you are thinking. OH MY GOSH! KENDRA IS UPDATING!! Well yes, it is true I have finally loaded all of my pictures onto the computer and I am ready to give my wisdom and stories to the world. Well, stories anyway. I don't have much wisdom. :)

So first of all I would like to introduce you all to the cutest quadruplet cousins ever. (Olivia is actually Lewis' cousin but since she is the same age as Haley, they all just call each other cousins.) They had the best time at Nick's (Lewis' cousin) wedding in August. They all wore the same dress and had a great time playing, climbing to the tree house and eating ice cream sundaes.

Did you notice that my girls do not have shirts under their dresses but the others do? When we were shopping for the dress Allison asked the girls about the dress and one of them said that it was not modest to wear the dress because showing shoulders was not good. Allison and I tried so hard not to laugh. She is a good girl and she is so honest to say what she has been taught.

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