Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Meal

We have started this fun little tradition with our friends the Wiggins. On the last day before school starts each fall we take the kids out to eat for breakfast. The whole idea was that we would get them up early, like we would on a school day and take them out to eat so that they would have to be up and ready for the day early.

Last year we took them to Mimi's Cafe and that is where they wanted to go again this year. They did not want to go there because of the food. They did not want to go there because of the ambiance. They want to go there because of this:

They want to go there because the bathrooms are gold. The girls talked about the gold bathroom for a year. Abigail was so excited to go this year (since she started kindergarten this is her first year going). So here it is for all of you to see; the golden sink. I will spare you the picture of the toilet. Now you do not need to go to Mimi's for breakfast. I have shown you the best part.
(the food is actually good too, but all they care about is the golden bathroom)

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