Monday, August 17, 2009

Wow. I got my butt kicked into gear by a 6 year old!

I was told twice today that I am a blogging slacker. I was seriously considering updating tonight but was feeling mentally exhausted from work today BUT then Abigail started bagging on me about never doing my "computer work" and putting the pictures up on my blog.

So here is a quick story that happened today since blogger will not let me put pictures up right now.

Abi had her kindergarten assessments today at school. I was sitting in the back of the classroom playing on my phone and filling out papers for school. The teacher came to the part where she asks Abi about rhymes.

Mrs.P: Abi, what rhymes with hat?

Abi: Rat. Oh look you have a rat hanging on the wall.

Mrs. P: Oh yes that is the mouse from If you give a Mouse a Cookie.

Abi: I LOVE that book. I have it at home.

Mrs. P: Great! Okay, what rhymes with van?

Abi: Pan.

Mrs. P.: Great job. Alright one more. What rhymes with truck?

Abi: Fu$&

Mrs. P: (turning very red with me dying laughing in the back of the room) Yes, that does rhyme. Goodness.

Me: Um.... I am totally embarrassed. I do not think she knows what she said. Um... ahhhh... ohhh...

Mrs. P: Am I totally red? Ha Ha!!

Abi: (Looking around) What? What did I do?

She had no clue.
3 hours later.....

Daddy: (in Costco after hearing the story) Abi, what rhymes with truck?

Abi: Fu$&

Me: Abi what does that mean?

Abi: I don't know, but it rhymes with truck.

Me: Abi, next time someone asks you what rhymes with truck, just say duck.

Abi: Oh yeah! I forgot that one! Hey dad! Duck!!


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