Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls Day Out!!

A few weeks ago Haley, Abigail and I went for a fun girls day out with their cousins Ellie and Olivia and their moms Heidi and Heather, and their grandma Allison. We went to a cute little boutique that has a little cafe inside for lunch. After lunch all 4 girls received necklaces from Allison that were bought at our FAVORITE store Bags That Fit.
After lunch and gifts (including Halloween plates for Heidi and myself from Allison THANKS!!) we walked around the store for a while and then took the girls for pedicures! After that we went to the store and Allison got everyone matching dresses for Nick's wedding. By the time we were done with all of that we were exhausted and hungry so we met the boys for a yummy dinner.

Abigail, E, O, and Haley being pampered!
Well the day went so well that the girls day out turned into a girls night in! We decided to have a slumber party. All of the girls piled into my car and we headed to our house for Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio with popcorn and water. In the morning everyone had fun playing with Mojito before leaving early to go home.
Thanks for the fun guys! Let's do it again!!


Diana Croshaw said...

I also got a great girls day recently and it was AWESOME! Wouldn't be a true girls day without a pedi!

heather going crazy said...

Olivia is still talking about that,and wants to know when she gets to see her "best friends" again. Thanks Kendra