Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping: Day 1

We left on Friday the 5Th and drove down to Virgin to camp for the weekend. On Friday we set up the campsites (4 to be exact, we did have 16 people!), the kids went swimming with Grandpa, Grandma (who read the comics and sat in the shade), Lewis, Marlo and me (I sat in the sun and did not touch the water). Cris and Sam made dinner. Dinner was sausage and potatoes in the dutch ovens. It was really good.
Here is a gross green beetle that was found. Becca and Abigail found it very fun.
Jason, king of his domain.
Grandpa and Becca pretending to sleep by the fire.
Marlo and Michael by the fire.
Everyone except for Lewis, Abigail, and me!

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