Monday, December 27, 2010

Tubing in Heber

The Saturday before Christmas my family went up to Heber to go tubing. Usually we go to eat breakfast with Santa the weekend before Christmas but this year we all wanted to try something new. The breakfast with Santa that we usually go to is fun but it has terrible food and even worse service. So this year my dad suggested that we try something new and Lewis suggested the tubing. We looked into it and it was an okay price and looked like everyone would be able to participate. It is the perfect place for us to go because they have a tow rope that takes you to the top of the hill so that you do not have to climb up. This is great because all of the kids get tired so fast from climbing the hills time after time. Also we have Cris who can't climb because of his ankle, and mom who just would not be able to do it in general. But everyone was able to go up the hill and have a great time for a few hours. It snowed the whole time that we were there, not to mention the whole drive up there. The roads were horrible. By the time we left it had stopped snowing and so we made it back down to Orem in half the amount of time that it took to get up there.

We stopped at Fudruckers for lunch on the way back home. Everyone was starving and ready to eat. I think this might become a yearly activity for us as a family. We all had so much fun. As one of the kids said, " This is WAY better then breakfast with Santa!" I totally agree.
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