Thursday, December 30, 2010


On Christmas morning we were woken up at 6AM by four children jumping into our bed. Adam (the 12 year old) orchestrated the whole awakening. So as usual we had them sit in the hallway and wait for us to be ready. I took their picture and away they flew to the living room... to find that Santa had left us nothing. That is right. There was nothing there. The room was empty. That is when Adam started running upstairs. Either he had peeked(that is my guess) or he just needed to find the loot. And sure enough up there was a pile for everyone. Santa was good to us all for sure. Jason and Haley got I Pod Touches, Abigail got a doll the size of her, Adam got an automatic air soft something or other and a ghillie suit, Lewis got tickets to Linkin Park and a donut maker, and I got tickets to see Bon Jovi and a new Lego set to keep me busy during my week off of work. We were done opening our gifts by 7:30 and I made German pancakes. They were delicious. After that the kids spent the rest of the morning getting their devices to work, and downloading games and movies. Adam blew about 1000 holes in a picture of Justin Beiber, and a photo of the Glee cast (I wonder why he choose that one?). I went out to the store to get some last minute items, which is hard to do in Draper on Christmas. Not a store open for a hundred miles except for Walgreens. At least they had the plastic forks that I needed.

At 2pm my family came over for lunch and I made ham and homemade mashed potatoes. We were going to have a chocolate fountain for dessert but the consensus was that people were too full from lunch so we just had cookies and chocolates that we already had made. We had the white elephant gift exchange and I ended up with a $50 gift card for I-Tunes. I liked my gift. And the guy who ended up with the Lug-A-Lou was happy too. Oh yeah, Jason's contribution to the gift exchange was a port-a-potty. Very funny!!

By 9pm Lewis, Adam and I was very hungry so Adam and I set out to find something to eat. We hit up Taco Time which boasts 24 hours a day 365 days a year and guess what? They were CLOSED!!! Yeah, and we were not the only people out trolling for food either. There was a caravan of about 4 to 5 vehicles following us from fast food place to fast food place looking for food. We gave up and went home after the 4th place was closed and Lewis made frozen pizzas. I hope those other people found what they were looking for.

Christmas was great. I was exhausted but happy.

Merry Christmas peeps, Merry Christmas.
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