Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few thoughts:

Alright! I guess the only computer that my video doesn't work with is my own!! I have had 3 people tell me that the video works for them. Oh well. I hope that it looks good because I can't see it! I will never be tech savvy!!!
On another note I started my Christmas cards yesterday. Ha! I am about 3 weeks behind. I like to have them done by Thanksgiving weekend but this year I have been running behind on everything. In fact my boss just gave me my AUGUST credit card statement to turn receipts in. I am about, what is that, 4 months behind? Good thing there is only 5 items on that month.
On yet another note I have been feeling very stressed. Between work, home, kids activities, and life in general I am just feeling drained. This evening in fact, I had Jason in tears about homework, Abigail telling me that she thinks that I hate her, and Adam yelling at me because he thought that I was mad at him, but really I was worried that he was hurt. All the while Haley was doing homework in her coat while eating a giant piece of chicken... at the same time! This is so not what my house is usually like at dinner/homework time.
Good Grief!!! Is it Christmas Break yet???
PS. Did you like that? This is my first impromptu blog post in like a year!! And I feel better!

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