Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diet Food

So I have been trying this diet (I will not give a name) and it has actually been working really well. I get to eat things like chicken, fish (YUCK!!) veggies and fruit. While being on this diet I have kicked my 3-4 Diet Cokes a day habit, my Gobstopper fetish, and my all around snacky lifestyle.
I was doing great on the diet until I decided to make this:

The color should have told me something. All I can say is NASTY!!! Lewis thought that it wasn't that bad, but the texture was so gross that I had to spit it out and just go hungry until the evening. It was a recipe that I found online. Everyone that had tried it said that it was so good. It was like cheating on their diets. I was all for that one because when you can only have the few types of food that I have been eating, you will try anything for a change. Well I tell you what, those people online, they lied. Basically it is a creamy chicken with celery soup. Sounds good, but it is not. From now on, when a recipe says to "grind the chicken with the veggies until smooth", I will hit delete and move on. Trust me, you do not want this recipe. :)